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Encaustic tiles were first manufactured in Europe in the 19th century, they decorate the floors of palaces in St. Petersburg, Gaudi’s distinctive houses in Barcelona, and grand hallways all the way from Paris to Saigon. Their original, unique style and hand-made nature have lead them to be exceptionally desirable for over 300 years. It’s said that ‘terrazzo’ was created by builders in Venice as a low-cost flooring material to surface the outdoors areas around their living quarters. Originally it consisted of chips of scrap marble set in clay and then sealed with goat’s milk! Nowadays, of course, it is produced by industrial grinders and set with man-made resins.With our encaustic & terrazzo tile collections, the tiles that have furnished palaces in Europe can now become a beautiful focal point in your home. Stunning in any area, we supply a dizzying array of encaustic and terrazzo tiles to bring effortless drama, style and quality to your home. Our collection is still made by hand but using natural pigments, cement and marble chips. The tiles come ready to install and require only a coat of sealer before and after grouting.These on-trend tiles retain their vintage, handmade charm, but the marble content makes them very durable and perfect for commercial use.